The Sunset Deluxe Full Face Mask has a streamlined footprint that creates a secure seal without the need for a forehead support. This leads to a clear line of sight and a fewer points of contact on the face, making it a great option for claustrophobic patients or those with reading glasses.

Product Name: Sunset Deluxe Full Face Mask

Prescription Needed: Yes

Mask Type: Full Face Mask

Headgear: Included

Sizes Include: Small, Medium, Large


  • An extremely lightweight design
  • Soft, replaceable silicone cushions
  • Minimalist design and ultra-lightweight silicone
  • Increased comfort with optimal seal
  • 360 degree dual-swivel elbow port
  • Quick clips for easy headgear release
  • No forehead pad for clear line of site - great for claustrophobic patients

SKUs: CM005S, CM005M, CM005L

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