Choose the Right CPAP Cleaner for You!

Everyone understands the importance of using clean CPAP supplies, but does everyone recognize the amount of effort it takes to keep them clean?! 

How many times have you washed a headgear only to have it still be wet by the time you go to bed? 

How many times have you gone to refill your water chamber in your humidifier and thought the smell was tolerable?

How many times has the tubing fallen off the hanger or towel rack you had it on, so you don’t know if all the water dried?

Imagine those frustrations – gone! The CPAP cleaners we promote offer the peace-of-mind sanitizing that you’ve been looking for. 

CPAP cleaners completely sanitize your most important CPAP accessories, including: your mask, headgear, tubing, and water chamber. The best CPAP cleaners and the most popular on the market today use activated oxygen or ultraviolet light instead of water or harsh chemicals, and destroy bacteria, viruses, and mold. Our four favorite CPAP sanitizer machines are the Lumin, SoClean 2, Zoey, and Sleep8.

So, which one is right for you?

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