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Do you have questions about your CPAP equipment and how sleep apnea treatment works? Here at CPAP Nation we have the answers! Our FAQ page is a comprehensive guide to answer all questions you may have about your CPAP equipment and sleep apnea therapy.

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I keep getting water in my mask and I feel like I’m drowning! What’s going on?

Many times this problem is due to condensation and your humidifier being turned up to high. Have you tried lowering your humidifier setting? We also have what is called a tube cover. What this does is it wraps around your tube and insulates the heat, which minimizes condensation.

I wake up in the morning with marks all over my face. I’m so embarrassed to go to work when I wake up! What am I doing wrong?

It sounds like you have your mask on too tight. I would suggest that you loosen your headgear a little bit. You don’t want your mask on too tight or too loose. It takes some time to find your right size but don’t give up! If the same problem still occurs, give us a call and we’ll find you another mask that fits just right!

My machine makes a breathing noise. Is this normal?

Yes, this is very normal to hear the machine “ breathing” with you. It’s putting out air as you breathe in and releasing air as you breath out.

I just can’t seem to adjust to using CPAP. How long will it take?

This will come with time; the more you use the machine the easier it will become to adjust. There are a few steps to making it a little easier to get adjusted (1) assuring your mask is the right fit, (2) finding your comfort zone, and (3) sleeping towards the end of the pillow will allow the mask to stay in place and help prevent leaks. For further assistance please contact one of our techs at 1-877-307-2727.

Why do I get so much condensation in my tubing?

Check the temperature of the humidifier, it is recommended to keep it between 1-3 depending on the humidity in your area.

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