is veteran owned and proud to be part of the Nationwide Medical Inc. family, which has served CPAP patients nationwide since 2002. Nationwide Medical, Inc. ( offers one of the most extensive CPAP therapy programs in the country, helping over 30,000 insured sleep apnea patients each year from initially setting them up on CPAP, to helping them with their ongoing therapy and then sending them their quarterly supplies. Nationwide Medical, Inc is contracted with most of the large insurers, including Medicare, and therefore works with insured patients to obtain prescriptions and other medical records, ship products directly to patients and bill their insurance. services CPAP users who either do not have insurance, choose to not go through their insurance or want to buy equipment or supplies not covered by insurance.

Being part of the Nationwide Medical, Inc. family, our customers have more options open to them than practically any other online CPAP site can offer:

  • We carry all the major suppliers’ products and have extensive knowledge and experience with all of them
  • We are a significant customer with all major suppliers thereby ensuring we can offer very competitive pricing
  • We have in-house sleep specialists and Respiratory Therapists to assist with all aspects of therapy
  • Our extensive nationwide insurance network gives patients the option to go through their insurance and get onto our quarterly resupply program where they get fresh supplies shipped to their home and in most instances it is covered entirely or to a large extent (depending on deductibles) by insurance is dedicated to providing our customers with the best online experience in the industry by providing excellent prices, patient care and customer service. Our patient’s health and satisfaction are our top priorities - our tag line says it all:

“When you sleep better, we sleep better”