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The new Vitera Full Face Mask features the Roll-Fit XT Cushion seal, headgear with VentiCool technology, and a low-profile stability bar to ensure the full therapy experience you need.

Product Name: Vitera Full Face Mask

Prescription Needed: Yes

Mask Type: Full Face Mask

Headgear: Included

Sizes Include: Small, Medium, Large


  • Adaptable seal designed for comfort allows freedom to move as the mask adapts to your different sleeping positions, helping to maintain a comfortable seal and minimize leak
  • Reduced pressure and soreness on the bridge of your nose
  • Headgear is designed to keep you cool and comfortable with its VentiCool technology, which is a custom-made breathable fabric. The VentiCool is designed to allow heat and moisture to escape through the fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep
  • The Vitera features a low-profile stability bar designed to keep the seal in place, helping to minimize mask leaks and supporting a comfortable night’s sleep
  • The unique forehead clip keeps your forehead straps together for easy disassembly and reassembly while also reducing the chance of headgear tangling
  • New headgear clips with tactile grips help you easily find and position them on the mask frame


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Specs & Manuals

Please click on the user guide below for more product information and specifications

Vitera CPAP Mask User Guide

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