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Unlike traditional CPAP Masks, the DreamPort Sleep Solution by Bleep is headgear free, lightweight, flexible, and easy to use.

Product Name: Bleep DreamPort Nasal Mask

Prescription Needed: Yes

Mask Type: Nasal Mask

Headgear: NO HEADGEAR!

Sizes Include: Universal sizing

Product Includes:

  • Bleep DreamWay Mask Interface with 10-inch hose and connector
  • Bleep DreamPorts (1 box = 32-Pack which is a 16-Night supply)
  • Instruction Guide


  • Adhesive design means no headgear
  • The openings are 27% larger than a nasal pillow which allows for more laminar flow at the base of the nostrils to eliminate the jetting sensation that some nasal pillow users do not like!
  • Interface seals outside of the nares, eliminates vanity lines, no hair matting
  • Reduces nosocomial infection, skin and bridge breakdown
  • One size fits all, single night use
  • No leak seal (improved arousal index, quality of sleep, and compliance)
  • Lightweight/ low profile design to increase comfort which also reduces claustrophobia

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How Long it Will Last:

  • The DreamPorts (the adhesive strips with connectors) are only good for a single use and should be disposed of daily - 1 set per day
  • The adhesive tape is high quality hypoallergenic surgical tape manufactured by 3M
  • You use two DreamPorts each night (one for each nostril) and dispose of them in the morning
  • The DreamPorts are recyclable (environmentally friendly)
  • The DreamPort solution works well for almost all people with obstructive sleep apnea

How to Apply:

  1. Prep. Clean your nose and area around the nose. Remove oil, makeup, and dirt to allow the adhesive to fit most securely. Use a mild astringent like alcohol or witch hazel. DreamWipes are also available for purchase and are ideal for this crucial first step
  2. Dry. Pat the area completely dry before proceeding
  3. Apply. Peel the adhesive backing off one DreamPort adhesive adapter. While looking in a mirror, tilt your head back and place the Dream Port under one nostril so that the DreamPort becomes an extension of your nostril. Use your finger to secure the adhesive where your nostril and the DreamPort come together. Smooth out any gaps or bubbles around your nose and nostril
  4. Repeat for the second nostril
  5. Smooth the adhesive where the two DreamPorts overlap so there is a tight seal from the adhesive
  6. Check airflow. The DreamPort should NOT block airflow through your nostrils. Breathe in through your nose and verify you feel air passing through both nostrils. If this is not the case, remove the DreamPort and apply a new one. Connect each quick-release socket on the DreamWay tubing interface to each DreamPort. A CLICK indicates it's fully connected
  7. Attach your CPAP hose to the universal connector on the DreamWay tubing. Do NOT reapply a removed DreamPort as the adhesive will not fully function

TIP: trim the adhesive before peeling off the backing to better fit smaller faces. Pieces of trimmed adhesive can also be used to help seal the DreamPort adaptors in the area of overlap

Removing the DreamPort:

  1. Use a mirror
  2. Pinch the tabs at the rim of the quick release sockets to disconnect from the DreamPorts from the DreamWay unit. Gently pull the adhesive down at the upper edges. Always pull the DreamPorts off at the bottom of the nose
  3. Recycle the plastic DreamPorts
  4. Throw away the adhesives


  1. Agitate the DreamWay unit for 20-30 seconds in lukewarm water with a scent-free, moisturizer free mild soap
  2. Soak the DreamWay unit for 10 minutes
  3. Rinse in fresh water
  4. Air dry but avoid direct sunlight

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