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Why Is Sleep So Important When You Travel?

Why Is Sleep So Important When You Travel?

Why Is Sleep So Important When You Travel?

Traveling across the country can be a whole lot of fun. Visiting new places and taking in the local cuisine makes memories that will last a lifetime. However, it's nowhere near as pleasant when you are running on fumes, which is why sleep is so important when you travel.

Causes Anxiety

Traveling causes enough stress that you don't want to magnify the issue with the lack of sleep. If it feels like your tank is empty every day you wake up, you're bound to have a miserable time if the traveling is for pleasure or a difficult time if it's for business.

Minimal hours of sleep raise your cortisol levels, making your anxiety levels jump through the roof. Depending on your trip length, try to sneak in one or two days to use strictly for resting. Feeling rejuvenated will help you remain focused and energized throughout the rest of the visit.

Prone to Illness

Between going to the airport, surrounded by people on a cramped airplane, and the possibility of changing climates, your immune system is as vulnerable as ever. Adding the lack of sleep to the formula for catching a virus is a foregone conclusion you're going to feel under the weather.

Once you feel sick, you must get as much rest as possible to fend off your illness. You will only prolong the ailment if you're running around nonstop. Even though it's nowhere near as fun to lay in a hotel room all day long, it's what your body needs.

Lack of Memory

Your brain needs rest just as much as your body or memory will begin to fade. As you drift in and out of dreamland, your mind is working overtime, digesting everything that happened during the day to build memories. 

Without consistent sleep, your cognitive abilities weaken, letting the day's events slip through the cracks. Forgetting simple things like where you parked the car, where the beach is, or how to get to the boardroom for a meeting isn't conducive to a good time. 

Questionable Judgement

When exhausted, people have the propensity to make rash decisions in the spur of the moment because they aren't thinking clearly. This is especially important if you are traveling for business purposes. You must be sharp and on top of your game if you're meeting someone of significance.

First impressions mean everything. Your appearance and demeanor could make or break a potential deal. Looking disheveled and unalert indicates you aren't trustworthy, making the client go in a different direction. Make sure you get plenty of sleep before your big meeting, or else you might pay for it.

Understanding why sleep is so important when you travel proves that you must still catch some shut-eye, even if your schedule doesn't have any windows for breaks. Someone with sleep apnea must take extra precautions, like having travel CPAP machines to ensure their treatment goes uninterrupted.

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