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When Exactly Is a CPAP Nasal Pillow Necessary?

When Exactly Is a CPAP Nasal Pillow Necessary?

Using a CPAP mask and machine should not mean that your sleeping experience is less comfortable. In fact, CPAP users should adapt to getting more restful and relaxing sleep while using this equipment. If you’re a CPAP user and you’re struggling to sleep with your mask and machine comfortably, investing in a CPAP nasal pillow mask may be ideal for you.

But when exactly is a CPAP nasal pillow necessary? In this article, we’ll discuss what CPAP nasal pillow masks are and how they can help you sleep more soundly at night.

What Is a CPAP Nasal Pillow?

Before we can dive into when exactly a CPAP nasal pillow is necessary, let’s examine what CPAP nasal pillows are.

A CPAP nasal pillow is a CPAP mask that uses tubing to connect from behind a patient’s ears and inserts continuous airway pressure into the nostrils. Here’s when you should consider wearing this type of CPAP mask. 

If You Experience Claustrophobia

One of the most common issues that CPAP users face when adjusting their masks is claustrophobia. Even if you aren’t typically made anxious by smaller spaces, CPAP masks can induce claustrophobia in many patients.

Nasal pillow masks help to ease the anxiety caused by larger, full-face CPAP masks. These masks are ultra-light and connect directly into your nostrils rather than covering your entire face. As a result, CPAP users can wear these masks to feel less smothered without worrying about air leaks or detached tubes.

If You Wear Glasses

Certain facial features and accessories can make wearing a CPAP mask exceedingly tricky. For example, if you wear glasses, you most likely already know how difficult it is to wear this accessory while wearing your mask.

If you’re used to sitting in bed and watching television, answering emails, or reading before falling asleep, finding a mask that can cover your face and your glasses is essential. That’s why nasal pillows masks are ideal for all CPAP users who wear their glasses in bed.

If You Experience Skin Marks or Irritations

Traditional CPAP masks can often leave red and irritating marks. These irritation spots can be painful and uncomfortable for CPAP users to endure every night. If your skin is tired from traditional full-face CPAP masks, consider using a CPAP nasal pillow mask instead.

The lighter and condensed design of CPAP nasal pillow masks makes them perfect for supplying your body oxygen without digging into your skin.

The Takeaway

Your CPAP mask and machine should make you more comfortable. If you’re experiencing issues with your CPAP mask due to claustrophobia, your glasses, or skin irritations, consider speaking with your doctor about how CPAP nasal pillow masks could be a better option for your health.   

If you’d like to start browsing for these masks or need a CPAP nasal pillow replacement, explore for more information.


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