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What To Expect After Your First Time Using a CPAP Machine

What To Expect After Your First Time Using a CPAP Machine

What To Expect After Your First Time Using a CPAP Machine

Acclimating yourself to your CPAP machine is like using a new pair of shoes. When you put them on, they may feel tight and uncomfortable, and you’ll need to wear them to break them in. A CPAP machine is no different because you may experience initial discomfort during your first night. Learning what to expect after using a CPAP machine for the first time should ease any qualms you may have.

Trouble Falling Asleep

The good news is that it doesn’t take long before using your device becomes second nature, so it’s vital to know that trouble falling asleep is common for all users and will get better eventually.

The best action to achieve optimal comfort is to wear your mask when resting and relaxing. You might feel like you’ll never fall asleep with the mask. Thus, wearing it when watching TV, reading a book, or scrolling through your phone will help ease the transition at bedtime.

Unnatural Sleeping Position

Another aspect that takes some time to adjust to is your sleeping position. Many assume you can’t toss and turn when connected to a CPAP device, causing them to lay stiff as a board during their first go-around.

Not only is that uncomfortable, but it’s also not natural to remain still for seven to eight hours. Plus, the back is not the optimal position for sleeping with a CPAP machine. Ideally, you’ll want to sleep on your left slide, allowing your airway to open to its full extent. But it’s understandable if you want to go with what’s most comfortable during that first night.

Developing a New Breathing Pattern

A CPAP machine regulates your breathing patterns to ensure you get an adequate oxygen supply while you sleep. Developing a new breathing pattern is like using an alternate way to walk. You’re so used to breathing instinctively that you don’t put too much thought into it. Changing your method will take some adjustment.

As you continue to use the machine, you will notice how it assists you, even if it initially feels awkward. Try not to resist the added pressure and find a breathing technique that works. Practicing your breathing is something else you can do while relaxing and watching TV.

Dry Mouth & Nasal Congestion

You may find a way to manage the previous concerns, but some things are beyond your control. Most first-timers can expect dry mouth and nasal congestion, so know that you are not alone if this occurs.

You don’t want to swear off your CPAP therapy because you have a stuffy nose or dry throat like you wouldn’t give up running if you can’t run a four-minute mile. Your body needs to adjust to the machine; eventually, these side effects will disappear.

Knowing what to expect after your first time using a CPAP machine should put your mind at ease when you start your therapy. Learning what is common among other folks in their first few weeks illustrates that it’s all a part of the process that improves your health.

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