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What Happens if You Never Clean Your CPAP Machine?

What Happens if You Never Clean Your CPAP Machine?

What Happens if You Never Clean Your CPAP Machine?

Cleanliness is essential for your well-being, and it's especially vital for your CPAP equipment. If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from sleep apnea, a clean, effective CPAP machine is your ticket to having a healthy night's sleep. However, it's easy to lose track of your cleaning schedule, so what happens if you never clean your CPAP machine? 

You'll Get Sick

No one likes to feel under the weather, but that may happen if you do not consistently clean your CPAP equipment. Bacteria from your mouth enters through your tubing from inhaling and exhaling out of your machine. Without frequent scrubbings, mold will form and can develop into infectious viruses.

Because you can’t see bacteria with the naked eye, it may not be evident that your equipment is in the danger zone. Although, there are symptoms you may experience from the exposure. A stuffy nose, throat irritation, unusual rashes, and unpleasant odors are telltale signs that you need clean your CPAP machine. 

You Will Damage Your Skin

By wearing your CPAP mask every night, you may accumulate more dirt and grease on your face than usual. This greasy mixture will clog your pores, resulting in skin blemishes. If you have a buildup of oil in your mask, wash it immediately with soft soap and water.

It's also recommended not to use any face oils before bed because they can damage the silicone components of the mask. A faulty mask will not help your sleep apnea treatment and will cost you money to fix or replace the equipment.

Additionally, a CPAP user knows that the mask doesn’t always fit snugly over your face. When there is too much grease on the mask, the fit can worsen. Contact your sleep physician if you thoroughly cleaned your mask and it's still not fitting correctly. They should be able to recommend a new mask or modify it to suit your needs. 

What Should You Do?

The simplest remedy for dealing with dirty CPAP equipment is to clean it. Your cleaning method can alternate between using soap and vinegar. Regardless of what you choose, it should remedy any ailments you are experiencing from grimy equipment. If you decide on soap, make sure it's soft and gentle because hard soap can ruin your equipment. If you choose to use vinegar, dilute it with three parts water to one part vinegar. When cleaning your equipment, never use bleach, as it will seriously harm you and your equipment.

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