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What Can You Find Out by Taking a Sleep Study?

What Can You Find Out by Taking a Sleep Study?

What Can You Find Out by Taking a Sleep Study?

Waking up groggy and irritable is not ideal for starting your day. A sleeping disorder may be the culprit for your shoddy sleeping patterns, so it’s crucial to understand what’s happening. A sleep study may provide some answers that you otherwise wouldn’t know. Knowing what you can find out by taking a sleep study solves the mystery.

What To Expect

A sleep study is one of the most pleasant medical studies one can encounter, seeing as your only requirement is to take an extended nap. Before you go in for polysomnography, your doctor will design a game plan, including whether you need to take your daily medications during the study.

Other helpful tips include bringing comfortable bedroom attire, pillows and blankets, and a book to help you wind down. Essentially, you want to replicate your home’s environment in the private room for the duration of the sleep study. Technicians will be monitoring your sleep tendencies in another room, giving you a sense of privacy.

There will be equipment measuring your brain activity, breathing, and blood oxygen levels. Several wires and machines attached to your body might hinder the sleeping process. However, most people don’t have an issue if they avoid stimulants.

If any issues arise from the study, you are likely suffering from a sleeping disorder. The technicians and your personal care provider will develop a course of action, which may end up in a CPAP prescription.

Additional Sleep Studies

Numerous sleep studies measure various elements of someone’s sleep cycle. Some of them include:

  • EMG (electromyogram) – Tracks involuntary spasms and your REM sleep.
  • EKG (electrocardiogram) – Documents heart activity.
  • EOG (electrooculogram) – Records eye movements, vital for verifying the sleep stages.
  • Airflow sensors – A critical finding for determining air blockage. If the verdict of this study is a concern, contact is in order.

The Findings

Once the study is complete, the affable technicians will remove the sensors and wires attached to you. Then, you are free to go, considering it takes a bit of time to go over the findings. When they have the results, you will schedule a meeting and learn about the following:

  • Length of sleep stages
  • Consistency in which you wake up
  • Snoring or trouble breathing
  • Limb twitches
  • Bizarre brain activity

What’s Next?

Now that you know what you can find out taking a sleep study, you can take measures to fix any underlying issues. CPAPnation has the goods to combat any sleep abnormalities that you might experience. From CPAP equipment suppliers to UV sanitizers, we have what you need to sleep soundly!


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