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Troubleshooting for CPAP Filter Problems

Troubleshooting for CPAP Filter Problems

Troubleshooting for CPAP Filter Problems

You may find that your CPAP machine does not always seem to be supplying enough air. Dirty filters may negatively affect the quality of your treatment and even destroy your equipment. Troubleshooting for CPAP filter problems should help you discover what’s going wrong and how you can fix it. 

Stick to a Schedule

When you have a schedule to follow, it helps you stay efficient. Thus, adhering to a CPAP filter schedule guarantees that your filters are always in great shape. CPAP machines, like your car or HVAC, have filters that keep the device running smoothly.

We recommend that you remove and clean your filter every two weeks, while you should replace your filter twice a year. Putting these dates in your phone as a reminder ensures that you stick to the schedule and aren’t using a dirty filter.

If you live in a home with smokers or have shedding animals, you should be more adamant about changing disposable filters. Doing so weekly is a good idea because those circumstances could significantly impact how your CPAP machine works. 

Protect Your Bedroom

Other than smoking and your furry friends, other factors could ruin your CPAP filters. Other possible complications could arise if you live near construction sites or frequently use a fireplace or if your home is dusty. You might not be able to shield your home from all these problems, but do your best to make your bedroom a quarantine zone.

Even simple things like covering your CPAP machine when you’re not using it does wonders. If you put a barrier around your room from these outside factors, you can clean it once every two weeks.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you have a health insurance provider, they may be able to lend a helping hand with your CPAP filters and possibly cover the cost of new ones. Sticking to your carrier’s recommended CPAP replacement schedule might allow you to get replacements without spending a dime out of pocket. That should give you an extra incentive if you do your due diligence.

Ultimately, troubleshooting your CPAP filter problems is about improving your health. Although it may be a hassle to stick to a schedule and do all you can to prevent any disruptors from entering your room, it’s worth it in the long run because it should improve your condition. You don’t want your CPAP device to use dirty air because you didn’t clean it.

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