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The Top Considerations When Choosing a CPAP Machine

The Top Considerations When Choosing a CPAP Machine

After being diagnosed with sleep apnea, many people find it overwhelming to choose a CPAP machine. With so many different types of masks, devices, and other factors to consider, picking CPAP equipment can be an incredibly frustrating process.

We’re here to help make this process simpler. In this article, we’re sharing the top considerations when choosing a CPAP machine.

Mask Size

The number one consideration when choosing a CPAP machine is size. The fit and size of your mask will have the most significant impact on your comfort and your health. If your mask is too big for your face, then you’re more likely to experience air leakages and setbacks in CPAP therapy.

In contrast, masks that are too tight can be claustrophobic and irritating to people’s skin. Before deciding on a CPAP mask and machine, try several different mask sizes so you can feel confident about how your equipment fits.


Finding a mask that is comfortable for you and your sleep therapy is also essential. For example, one of the most common causes of discomfort that CPAP machines can cause is claustrophobia. If you’re prone to experiencing claustrophobic anxiety, choosing a more compact CPAP mask is crucial.

Speaking with your doctor about your personal claustrophobia can help them pair you with the best mask for your comfort.

If you’re someone who often moves around in their sleep, it’s also important to find a flexible and secure mask for your comfort. Tighter CPAP masks, as well as additional supplies such as chin straps, can help to make your mask-wearing experience more comfortable, regardless of tossing and turning.


Last but not least, it’s critical to consider your lifestyle habits before choosing your CPAP equipment. Small habits can make a big difference in your CPAP therapy. For example, if you commonly watch television or read before falling asleep, finding a mask that allows you to continue these habits matters.

Even grooming habits, such as growing facial hair, can affect the type of CPAP mask you should wear. Finding equipment that supports these habits rather than disrupting your routine will ensure that you use your equipment regularly and with less resistance.

CPAP therapy can create major improvements in your sleep patterns to help you stay healthier and more rested. Don’t miss out on the advantages of this therapy by neglecting to factor in these considerations before investing in your CPAP equipment.

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