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Telling Fact From Fiction: Common Sleep Apnea Myths

Telling Fact From Fiction: Common Sleep Apnea Myths

Telling Fact From Fiction: Common Sleep Apnea Myths

Misconceptions and myths surround many medical conditions, including sleep apnea. Let’s deal with the stone-cold facts regarding this troubling condition.

Myth: Snoring Is Always a Symptom

Snoring is a common occurrence for people who lack oxygen while they sleep. However, not every single person who snores has sleep apnea. People who snore yet wake up feeling refreshed might simply have a common snoring problem. 

Still, the symptom is worth discussing with your doctor, who can better determine if there’s a larger issue. Some individuals seem to need less sleep, and they may not feel tired or drowsy throughout the day, which may hide a true sleep apnea condition and lead them to postpone appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

In contrast, some individuals with sleep apnea may not snore at all. Other symptoms may include coughing, gasping for air, and heavy breathing. Another well-known side effect that alerts someone of a potential problem is waking up with a headache.

Myth: Only Adult Males Suffer From Sleep Apnea

Many people believe that sleep apnea strictly targets males. But that couldn’t be further from the truth because, sadly, sleep apnea can affect anyone. Another popular but dangerous myth is that sleep apnea happens only to adults. Quite the contrary, since up to 3 percent of children have sleep apnea.

Myth: Healthy People Aren’t at Risk

A healthy, active person may not have sleep apnea on the forefront of their mind for potential health concerns because of the myth that only obese people get this affliction. It’s true that overweight individuals have a greater risk of developing sleep apnea, but it doesn’t only happen to people who aren’t in peak physical condition. Sleep apnea occurs because there’s a blockage in the airway; people with narrow airways and muscular folks with larger airways are as much at risk as people with weight concerns.

Separating the fact and fiction behind these common sleep apnea myths can give you an idea of any red flags that need your attention. If you do have sleep apnea, finding the best CPAP equipment supplier is paramount, so look no further than CPAPnation to suit your needs. From cleaning devices to machines, CPAPnation is here to help you breathe more easily at night. Use your email to receive a special discount today!


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