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Steps for Getting Started With CPAP Therapy

Steps for Getting Started With CPAP Therapy

Steps for Getting Started With CPAP Therapy

It’s not fun when you are constantly waking up tired. Regardless of how many hours of sleep you get, your eyes could still be heavy, making it hard for you to start your day. Sleep apnea could be why you feel uneasy, requiring you to get a CPAP machine. If that’s your route, make sure to follow these steps to get started with CPAP therapy.

Diagnosis From Sleep Study

Suppose you have an inkling that you may have obstructive sleep apnea; you first must get the diagnosis. Without a polysomnogram (sleep study), you will not know if your intuitions are correct. A sleep study may feel intrusive on the surface, but it’s relatively comfortable once you settle in. If the sleep specialist believes you have sleep apnea, you might get a trial run with a CPAP machine at the lab. They’ll try to find you a mask that works.

Get Your Prescription

The primary purpose of a sleep study is for doctors to make a precise diagnosis of your affliction, including the settings you require for your CPAP machine. It’s vital to get this prescription because an incorrect setting will limit the positive effect of your treatment. Typically, prescriptions are good for life, but your settings may change. If your current settings aren’t giving you the best results, visit your physician to see if a change is in order.

Consider Your Options

You are ready to go machine shopping with an answer and a prescription. A positive of trying on masks during your sleep study is that you’ll have a great idea of what masks you like best, allowing you to narrow your search to a specific type of mask. Furthermore, your sleep specialist will know what will work best based on your body and sleep position.

Choosing the appropriate mask and device for your CPAP therapy is critical. Admittedly, if your mask is unpleasant or your equipment is noisy and cumbersome, you’ll be less inclined to use it. This is why ensuring that your equipment supplier offers a trial or refund policy is critical.

Room Preparation

Once you have the device next to your bed, it’s time to set it up. You want your device near you and at a good height. The more you strain the device’s connections, the more likely a leak can occur. You will also want to make your room conducive for sleeping as much as possible. Ensuring your room remains dark, even if the sun is shining bright, is extremely helpful. Additionally, you should know what you want for the room temperature, sound, and sleep positioning before you don the mask.

Following the practical steps for getting started with CPAP therapy can help curb the effects of sleep apnea. While a CPAP machine may not eliminate OSA, you can control it to the best of your abilities and doctor’s recommendations.

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