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Signs You Need To Change Your CPAP Machine’s Filter

Signs You Need To Change Your CPAP Machine’s Filter

Your CPAP machine has a lot of moving parts that require your attention. It’s easy to focus all your energy on your mask since that’s what you are in tune with the most. However, your filter is another critical element that needs a maintenance regime. Discover the signs you need to change your CPAP machine’s filter to prevent dangerous pathogens from affecting you.

Dust Is Accumulating

Typically, CPAP machines have a dual filter system. One of the filters gathers all the allergens in your room, providing you with the clean air you seek while asleep. The other filter acts as a supplemental shield for the first filter, catching any additional debris that slips through the cracks. If you notice that your room is dustier than usual, it may signify that your filter isn’t doing its job.

Lack of Performance

The longer you use your filter without replacing it, the more wear and tear it endures. Your machine won’t last forever, so the performance may be starting to dwindle. If you feel like a good night’s sleep is few and far between, it may be time to consider replacing some of your equipment, including the filter.

Black & Yellow Marks

Things get dirty the more you use them, and it’s no different with your CPAP filter. Once things start getting yellow or looking ragged, it may be a sign that your filter isn’t up to snuff. The biggest red flag is if black spots begin to develop; this may be mold, which will start making you feel ill.

Starts To Smell

Having a stench in your room is always troublesome. But it’s even more problematic if the smell is coming from your CPAP machine. The last thing you want to do is inhale any harmful bacteria that’s seeped its way through the filter. Thus, washing and effectively drying your equipment while replacing your filter will maintain its efficiency.

It’s Been Six Months

If you answer the question of “When did you last change your filter” with an “I don’t know,” then that’s a vital sign that you need to invest in a new filter. Cleaning it every two weeks helps maintain its proficiency while replacing it for the best strategy every six months.

These tell-tale signs you need to change your CPAP machine’s filter highlight all the possible problems that may be occurring. Visit our store at CPAPnation to find CPAP cleaning machines for sale to guarantee yourself that you are getting the best treatment imaginable.


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