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Rx vs. Non-Rx: What Type of CPAP Setup Is Right for You?

Rx vs. Non-Rx: What Type of CPAP Setup Is Right for You?

Rx vs. Non-Rx: What Type of CPAP Setup Is Right for You?

Some people must explore getting medical treatment for their sleep apnea without a prescription. However, whether you choose between Rx and non-Rx, the best type of CPAP setup that's right for you is the one that keeps your airflow steady at night.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Whether you should get a prescription for a CPAP machine should be a short debate. While some may jump through hoops to get a device without a prescription, it's not in your best interest to acquire a CPAP machine without first seeing a doctor.

You don't want to guess the pressure you need for your device because it could affect the quality of the treatment. Plus, not having a prescription prevents you from experiencing several benefits.

Find the Right Settings

One reason a prescription is helpful for those suffering from sleep apnea is the prevention aspect. When you initially obtain a CPAP machine, a physician will evaluate the information from your sleep study. Their findings allow them to tweak the machine appropriately, giving you the airflow you need. 

If you don't have it in the proper setting, it might potentially aggravate your condition over time. Without a prescription, you might be using the CPAP machine for no reason, especially if your guessed settings are incorrect. 

Customizable Treatment

Everyone requires personalized treatment, which might even include a different machine altogether. Going the non-Rx route might prevent you from getting what you need. On the other hand, with a prescription, your doctor can fine-tune the specifics, supplying you with the best possible solution.

It might shock you the number of options available if you look at them on your own. The moment your confusion sets in on what to choose, contact a sleep specialist to help you figure out the best option.

Insurance Reimbursement

Everyone likes getting things at a discount. Getting a prescription and having insurance opens the door for possible reimbursement through your insurance company. Replacing a CPAP machine and all its accessories can be very costly, so having the ability to change things out when there's an issue at a minimal charge is a blessing.

It's an open and shut case that proves the Rx setup is the right option instead of the non-Rx. Once you have your prescription in hand, visit CPAPnation to find the best CPAP masks on the market. Please take advantage of a special discount on your first order when you sign up with your e-mail address today.


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