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Dating and Relationships With Sleep Apnea

Dating and Relationships With Sleep Apnea

By Hillary Flores, February 13, 2023, Last updated: February 14, 2023

You just met someone new, things are going great, but due to your diagnosis of sleep apnea feelings of nerve and embarrassment arise. Regardless of if your partner is supportive or not, many often find themselves struggling even more with their own battles regarding this condition. One of the most challenging aspects of living with sleep apnea is having to share this experience with a partner.

It is not a huge deal breaker if you use your CPAP machine when you stay at somebody's place for the first time. It is unlikely to bother your companion. Adopting an attitude of openness is the most sensible course of action.

There isn't any reason to be embarrassed about anything.

The most effective approach to dating while living with sleep apnea is being open and honest about it. Inform your partner about the machine you use to prevent snoring, which will grant them a peaceful sleep, as well as give them something to laugh about with your appearance while wearing it. 

Making a light-hearted joke can help ease any awkwardness. Feel free to show your new headgear to people. The truth is, many people are familiar with it since they may even have a relative who wears one. It isn't a big deal when you compare it to how awful it is to sleep next to someone who snores.

Demonstrating commitment to one's well-being is exemplified by using CPAP. 

Ask your partner to disclose something from their medical background or past that they find distasteful or are a bit timid to talk about. Please don't press the issue, but assure them that it will be welcomed since you are aware of the awkwardness of revealing your CPAP machine to a new partner.

Be mindful that you could be harboring negative feelings towards your CPAP, but this won't help the first time around. In fact, this demonstrates how seriously you take your health and how you try to be respectful of your partner's sleep, even if that isn't the real motivation. No need to let them in on the secret.

Taking a nap in your own bed may be a good idea.

Try spending the night at your place first to avoid any awkwardness. You don't need to make it seem like you're expecting to stay over, you can still give off the impression of being spontaneous. Introduce your CPAP machine, and give it a funny nickname. There are many ways to ensure you feel the same and same due to your CPAP machine.

The use of CPAP can assist in strengthening a connection between two people.

You may not be too fond of it when you have to do it around my spouse for the first time. No doubt, you may find it more uneasy than you expect it. Still, it is essential to remember one can't simply make the feeling dissipate, and accepting the situation will help establish a healthy relationship. 

At some stage, it's necessary to establish whether the person you are in a relationship with is devoted to you and willing to go through the highs and lows. There's no better way to assess this than using a CPAP machine. It's an effective way of affirming a relationship. 

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