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Is a Travel CPAP Machine Suitable for Daily Use?

Is a Travel CPAP Machine Suitable for Daily Use?

Is a Travel CPAP Machine Suitable for Daily Use?

Learning the pros and cons of a travel CPAP helps you classify the disparities between your home CPAP machine and the one you take on the road. The good news is that travel CPAP machines are effective in their own right. But is a travel CPAP machine suitable for daily use? We’ll explain why the answer is a mixed bag.

Benefits of a Travel CPAP Machine

Various Masks

The mask you use at home is likely compatible with certain tubing connections. So, while your travel CPAP machine is not identical to your setup at home, it’s a nearly spitting image of it. The AirMini is the only device that can throw a wrench into things, as its inclusion of a humidifier reduces the masks you can use with the device. However, aside from this one hindrance, any mask will work with your travel CPAP machine.  

Flexible Tubing

Packing your CPAP machine can be a huge hassle. Fortunately, the popularity of slimline tubing on travel machines reduces your frustrations while traveling. Additionally, it helps your range of motion while you’re sleeping. Tossing and turning while fast asleep is inevitable, causing gnarly tangles in your tubing that could ruin your airflow. The slimline tubing allows for some give, making it easier to get comfortable.

Quiet as a Mouse

The volume of a CPAP device can be jarring for a partner or travel companion who has never heard the noises before. Opt for a travel CPAP machine if you don’t want to disturb your fellow travelers. These devices are practically silent, letting everyone hit dream street.

Disadvantages of a Travel CPAP Machine

Every hint of good news comes with a touch of bad news. You should know the full story of what you’re getting into before you invest in a travel-size CPAP machine.

No Humidifier

A travel CPAP machine may not be in the best interest of users who require a humidifier to eliminate constant dry mouth or nosebleeds. Some models include a humidifier, but there are a few that do not. Thus, you might be better off bringing your home machine on the road.

Inconsistent Pressure

A pressure fluctuation and algorithm response may indicate that the device may not perform as well as it should. If you wake up feeling like you were up all night, you may need to tinker with the device’s settings. The effectiveness of a travel machine isn’t as sure as with a standard CPAP machine.  

Confusing Interface

Since a travel CPAP machine is more compact, it can be difficult to navigate the interface and fix the settings if there is an error. This burden will have you smashing buttons aimlessly with no results, making your blood pressure rise for something that’s otherwise avoidable.

Can a Travel CPAP Machine Handle Daily Use?

Regarding whether a travel CPAP machine is suitable for daily use, the answer depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish. A travel CPAP machine can do the job for multiple months, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the longevity of a normal device. It’s nice if you’re in a pinch, but you shouldn’t depend on it for everyday needs.

For the constant traveler, a travel CPAP machine makes a lot of sense. Get yours at CPAPnation. We have a wide selection of devices, accessories, and cleaning products available to ensure you get the best treatment possible.


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