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How To Measure Your CPAP Mask Size Before Buying

How To Measure Your CPAP Mask Size Before Buying

Putting on a new pair of shoes requires you to walk around a bit to loosen things up. You need to apply that same logic when you begin your OSA treatment with a CPAP machine. Learn how to measure your CPAP mask size before buying to guarantee your comfort. 

What To Measure?

Every person’s face is different, making it challenging to find the perfect CPAP mask. Hence, it’s wise to measure your face to get the best fit possible. If you are looking for a nasal mask, the first thing to measure is both the height and width of your nose. Several sizes depend on measurements that fit both petite and large noses.

Unfortunately, some folks may not opt for a nasal mask due to specific medical conditions. A deviated septum or nasal cavity issue causes users to choose the full mask. This selection entails more measurements, most notably between your eyes and mouth. First, you will find the distance between the middle of your pupil to the bottom of your lower lip. After you write that measurement down, you’ll want to get your mouth’s width at a resting state, so hide that smile.

Make Adjustments

With your measurements in tow, you’ll need to select between a nasal or full-face mask. No matter your pick, getting some well-tuned adjustments makes you feel at ease before your first use. Practicing and imitating your sleeping habits highlight any potential issues with your mask. For example, if you notice your mask feels loose in your natural sleeping position, you’ll want to tighten the straps.

Avoid Leaks

The main reason you must ensure the mask fits your face correctly is to limit any potential leaks. If there are any leaks, the machine won’t supply the air you need, making the whole thing meaningless. The mask will feel off the first few times you put it on, so try it on while looking at yourself in the mirror. By seeing what you are doing and how it looks, you’ll notice any potential red flags to keep an eye on.

If you are new to this treatment, you’ll be better off if you buy CPAP masks online with adjustable sizes. The different sizes allow you to try several different fits before committing to a specific mask. Now you know why and how to measure your CPAP mask size before buying. Visit the store at CPAPnation to find all the best accessories and your perfect-fitting mask.



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