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Helpful Solutions if You’re Still Snoring With a CPAP Mask

Helpful Solutions if You’re Still Snoring With a CPAP Mask

A diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the first step in solving your sleeping troubles. You now know the cause of your incessant snoring and lack of quality sleep. However, it may take some tinkering to figure out the right mix to overcome all the obstacles. Here are some helpful solutions if you’re still snoring with a CPAP mask.

Pressure Settings

Finding the perfect setting on your CPAP machine takes a lot of trial and error. Plus, it’s hard to know when and why you are snoring when you are asleep. Your prescribed settings may be the source of your snoring, causing you to seek out an adjustment. If you are wary about your prescription, do not try and solve the issue yourself. Your primary physician or sleep specialist may want to run another study on you to find any discrepancies.

Back Sleeper

Changing sleeping positions can be intimidating for those who sleep a specific way. Sleeping on your back acts as kryptonite to a CPAP user because the machine cannot open your airway. The best sleeping position for sleep apnea is a side position, most notably on your left side. Thus, it may be time to switch the bed around or swap spots with your partner to find the most comfortable position moving forward.

Mouth Breather

Being a mouth-breather is never a good thing, especially when you are sleeping. An open mouth while sound asleep leads to an ongoing battle with snoring, leading to many health complications, such as decreased blood circulation. Considering you can’t consciously control your mouth when sleeping, you’ll want to try a full-face mask to combat this problem. A full-face mask can handle higher pressures in case there’s an adjustment after your second sleep study.

Air Gaps

Like your prescription, finding the ideal mask may take some time. Air gaps in your mouth and nose cause some leaks to escape through your mask, impacting the success of your sleep therapy. If you suspect some leaks are happening, it might be time to try out some new masks or invest in some helpful accessories like nasal pillows.

Hopefully, these helpful solutions if you’re still snoring with a CPAP mask will benefit you the next time you hit the hay. After you buy a sleep apnea machine, be sure to check out all the other supplies and accessories we have at CPAPnation. We have numerous items available that will make your snoring problem come to a halt!


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