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That’s right, technology has done it again. For those of you that are using smartphones, we have the apps for you.

Patient Hub App

You can now communicate directly with us here at Nationwide Medical Inc. using our patient mobile FREE application. By installing this app, you will be able to do the following:

  • Ask our team any questions through the app
  • Send pictures of your equipment or supplies if you are unsure of how to describe your concern
  • Update insurance information
  • Update billing address, delivery address, email, phone and emergency contact
  • Send questions regarding bills
  • Receive shipment tracking numbers
  • To register online, go to


DreamMapper App by Respironics- For all Respironics CPAP machines

  • Stay informed about mask fit and therapy hours
  • Keep connected to us by sending data records to your care team
  • Set goals and allow yourself to track your progress
  • Learn more! Videos and guides are available at your disposable to learn more about your sleep therapy and how to get the most out of your equipment


MyAir App by Resmed- For all Resmed CPAP machines

  • Wake up to results and scores tracked by myAir
  • Sleep data tracking allows you to get the detailed metrics of your sleep schedule and ways to improve
  • Coaching tips are a useful tool to keep you motivated by celebrating milestone accomplishments with encouraging messages
  • To register online, go to


Useful Tips


As always, if you have any questions regarding your equipment or health, reach out and speak to an expert.
(877) 307-2727


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