Easy Fixes To Make Your CPAP Mask More Comfortable

If you’re new to wearing a CPAP mask to bed every night, chances are you’re still adjusting to this equipment. Even those who routinely wear CPAP masks often struggle to fall asleep without compromising their comfort.

However, we’re here to assure you that wearing a CPAP mask to bed does not mean sacrificing your comfort. To learn more about easy fixes to make your CPAP mask more comfortable, continue reading below.

Adjust Your Mask Sizing 

One of the most common struggles people with sleep apnea face is finding a mask that comfortably fits their face. Choosing a mask that is too big for your face can lead to significant air leakages. However, masks that are too small for your face will also create skin and redness from clasping your skin too tightly.

Luckily, this problem is relatively easy to fix. If your mask is too tight, consider loosening the straps to adjust its fit. If this causes the mask to fit too loosely, speak with your doctor about switching mask sizes. Switching to a fuller CPAP mask could be more beneficial and comfortable for your sleep schedule.

Add a Humidifier To Your Bedroom

Constantly breathing in dry air can also lead to major discomfort during sleep. In addition, if you’re congested before falling asleep, this dry air can be even more off-putting. We recommend using a CPAP machine with an integrated humidifier. Most machines include the humidifier and offer customizable settings for specialized patient care. If you are still feeling dry, we recommend adding a humidifier to your bedroom to help avoid dryness and discomfort during sleep. A room humidifier will help ensure your body has access to moist air and will decrease congestion to make your mask more comfortable.  

Wear a Chin Strap

If you toss and turn a lot during your average sleep cycle, keeping your nasal cushion mask or nasal pillow mask secure throughout the night can be even more of a challenge.

If your mask becomes detached in the middle of the night, this could lead to air leakage. Here’s an easy fix to make your CPAP mask more comfortable at night: wear a chinstrap.

These simple contraptions help keep your mask secure from unconscious movement or opening of your mouth, and possible leakages. For peace of mind, we highly recommend trying a chin strap while you sleep to make your night more comfortable.

Adjusting to CPAP masks can be a challenge, but these simple fixes should help you regain a full night’s rest sooner. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea or are looking for a different CPAP supplier to meet your needs, CPAPnation is here to help.

We supply high-quality and advanced CPAP masks for sale to help you fall asleep and stay asleep comfortably. Check out CPAPnation.com for additional information about our masks, machines, and services.

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