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CPAP Accessories To Make You More Comfortable

CPAP Accessories To Make You More Comfortable

CPAP Accessories To Make You More Comfortable

Your comfort level may be facing an uphill battle when you begin using your CPAP machine, especially if you feel claustrophobic. However, several CPAP accessories make you feel more comfortable and minimize the growing pains.

Mask Liners & Gel

Sleeping for years without something attached to your face makes the transition to wearing a CPAP mask a challenge. Like with most new things, you eventually become acclimated to them. One way to ease the change is to use helpful aids for your mask.

A mask liner acts as a shield between your skin and mask. Your skin can leave an oily residue on the mask, leading to skin irritation that can keep you up at night. Additionally, these liners help protect against any leaks that can disrupt your treatment.

Mask gel is another option if liners don’t work for you. It provides similar benefits as liners, but the barrier it creates between your face and the mask isn’t as impenetrable.

Hose Covers

Seeing all the CPAP tubing may make your bedroom feel like a hospital, which won’t help calm your mind when you’re trying to fall asleep. One way to remove the overly medical feel of your CPAP device is by putting on hose covers.

Not only are those covers aesthetically pleasing, but they also heat the air passing through them. The heated air can lower condensation build-up which leads to rainouts and a wet face.

Eye Drops

Itchy and dry eyes are extremely uncomfortable. Instead of rubbing them relentlessly in the hopes that the problem will magically go away, keep eye drops on your nightstand. Then, you’ll have them ready if you wake up and your eyes feel like sandpaper. Consistently using eye drops guarantees that your eyes remain lubricated and protected from any dryness that could affect them.

CPAP Spray & Wipes

If you’ve ever worn a football helmet or smelled the inside of a hockey bag, you’re all too familiar with the musky aroma that remains. Your mask may develop an odor between your natural facial oils, skin cells, and dust.

Rather than boiling your mask to remedy the situation, you can apply specialized CPAP spray to disinfect and get the funky smell out of the cushioning. CPAP mask wipes can get your mask smelling fresh.

CPAP Pillows

Adjusting to a new sleeping position without a CPAP machine can be an issue, and adding hoses, masks, and machines to the mix adds frustration. Side sleeping is best for those with sleep apnea because it keeps your airway open the most, so opting for a CPAP pillow is the way to go.

Your CPAP tubing and connectors can intertwine if you’re not careful. CPAP pillows ensure those integral pieces are free and stay unjammed.

Comfort is key for getting the best sleep; thus, adding these CPAP accessories that make you more comfortable provides solace as you drift away to dreamland. CPAPnation is here to help you get the best CPAP machine and accessories to minimize sleep apnea's effects on your life. You can unlock a special discount when you sign up with your e-mail today.


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