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Can You Still Use a CPAP Machine If You Have Facial Hair?

Can You Still Use a CPAP Machine If You Have Facial Hair?

Can You Still Use a CPAP Machine If You Have Facial Hair?

Many people are fond of their facial hair. After years of hard work and grooming, you might have it to your precise liking, making the idea of shaving it all off because of a CPAP mask daunting. However, there is good news for the pogonophile (a 10-cent word for beard lover). Thanks to two available options, you can still use a CPAP machine if you have facial hair!

Full-Face Masks

The first alternative is a full-face mask. It rests below your chin and encompasses the whole face, leaving your beard unblemished. The mask seal will be stronger if it doesn’t contact your beard. You’ll get the most out of your treatment, and the mask won’t slide off your face.

The ResMedAirFit 30 is the best mask available for facial hair enthusiasts. If your beard feels like it’s a vital organ or body part, a full-face mask is available.

Nasal Masks

The least intrusive option is a nasal mask. What makes nasal masks so useful is nothing sits atop your upper lip, allowing you to grow your facial hair as much as you desire. The Respironics DreamWear mask is one of the better nasal masks available, as it hardly grazes your facial hair. Even if you move around while sleeping, the DreamWear mask will remain in its rightful place, providing the treatment you need. If you want the pinnacle of CPAP nasal masks, look no further than the ResMed AirFit N30. This selection is unobtrusive and small, which is ideal for people with beards.

Find Your Fit

Finding the correct mask is the first step to maintaining your glorious facial hair, but it needs to fit properly. Otherwise, what’s the point of wearing a CPAP mask at all? Your first inclination might be to wear a mask that isn’t snug on your face, but that leads to more problems because the air will leak. Start with the smallest size possible, working your way up the chain until you find the optimal fit.

Secure the Seal

If your facial hair is as aggressive as a rabid dog, leading to leaks from a loose seal, you should do your best to soften the hairs. Beard grooming items like oil and wax will help secure the mask’s seal, ensuring the best results. Additionally, CPAP mask liners work as a line of defense between your facial hair and the inner workings of the mask.

Hopefully, CPAPnation has settled your nerves by answering the concern of using a CPAP machine if you have facial hair. CPAPnation is also here to help those who need non-prescription CPAP masks. Even if you don’t have insurance, we will help you find a way to get the device you need and a good night’s rest.


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