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Back vs. Side: Which Sleep Position Is Healthier?

Back vs. Side: Which Sleep Position Is Healthier?

Back vs. Side: Which Sleep Position Is Healthier?

As adults, we have long since decided on a bedtime ritual, and it can be difficult to deviate from that routine. However, a time might come when you must make a change and consider back vs. side: which sleep position is healthier?

Sleeping On Your Side

Most people prefer to sleep on their side. As we grow older, our spines lose limberness, making a side position more comfortable. Aside from helping with spine pain, being a side sleeper comes with additional benefits, such as preventing or reducing chronic back pain with the assistance of pillows for support. Additionally, it can minimize your snoring, which will thrill both you and your partner.

It might be worthwhile to alter your sleeping position if you are currently experiencing one or more of these conditions:

  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnea
  • Pregnancy
  • Acid reflux
  • Back pain

If you experience shoulder pain, you might be hesitant to sleep on your side. Also, you might prefer to avoid sleeping on your side if you’re worried about an increase in facial wrinkles. If your face is your moneymaker, consider an alternate sleeping position.

Resting On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is the second most common sleeping position, and it offers several advantages over resting on your side. Lying flat on your back makes it easier to keep your vertebrae in line and appropriately disperse your weight, avoiding any possible neck or back discomfort. Sleeping on your back in an elevated position can also help reduce congestion caused by a sinus infection or allergens.

People who suffer from constant neck pain may prefer sleeping on their back, preventing further alignment concerns that occur when on their stomach or side. However, back sleepers should be aware of some red flags. For example, heavier adults should avoid sleeping on their backs to prevent the possibility of cutting off airflow. Moreover, if you are with child, sleeping on your back is discouraged.

What Position Should You Use?

So, which sleeping position is healthier? Being a side sleeper is undoubtedly the best option for those with sleep apnea. While there are logical reasons to sleep on your back, it’s best to remain on your side if you sleep with a CPAP machine. It is healthier and more comfortable to sleep on your side if you wear your mask.

When looking for a CPAP equipment store you can trust, consider CPAPNation to help overcome the obstacles of trying a new sleeping position. Feel free to contact customer support with any questions regarding available options that will best fit your needs.


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