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APAP or BiPAP: What Type of CPAP Machine Is Right for You?

APAP or BiPAP: What Type of CPAP Machine Is Right for You?

In the past, when someone received an obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis, a standard CPAP machine was their only option. However, technological advancements have led to more effective machines. Thus, between APAP or BiPAP, what type of CPAP machine is right for you?

What Is BiPAP?

BiPAP is short for “bilevel positive airway pressure.” A BiPAP machine provides pressure for both exhaling and inhaling, whereas a standard CPAP machine only handles one stage of the respiratory cycle. Some individuals may need BiPAP machines for the following reasons:

CPAP Isn’t Enough

Certain people are unable to handle the single constant pressure that a CPAP machine delivers. They either cannot adapt to the increased pressure or have difficulty exhaling against the single pressure supplied. BiPAP machines offers patients a lower EPAP pressure, which makes exhaling easier.

They Experience Carbon Dioxide Buildup

Without proper exhalation, carbon dioxide will build up in your system, throwing your blood oxygen out of whack. If this occurs, it could lead to significant medical complications that include organ failure.

They Need Additional Ventilation

For someone who’s having difficulty exhaling against the inhalation pressure setting, lowering the expiratory pressure setting may aid them. An excellent example is if they suffer from severe apnea and need a high inspiratory setting to maintain an open airway. Exhaling when they’re wearing a full face and nose mask may be problematic, which is why a BiPAP machine helps.

What Is APAP?

It’s not uncommon for some people to alter their breathing patterns while they’re asleep. If you fall into that category, APAP—or automatic positive airway pressure—treatment may be more comfortable for you. Most adults with obstructive sleep apnea do well with CPAP machines, but others may benefit from APAP machines because they feel more natural. APAP users might fall into one of these categories:

They Move Around While Sleeping

Tossing and turning throughout the night may prevent your treatment from working properly. An APAP machine automatically adjusts to your position and breathing pattern, ensuring that you get the pressure you need.

They Need Additional REM Sleeping Assistance

When someone is in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of their sleep cycle, they usually need a higher pressure. Without an APAP machine, some users may wake up gasping for breath if the higher pressure begins before they reach REM sleep. The automatic nature of the device will keep them sound asleep.

They Want To Start Therapy Immediately

APAP treatment is an excellent alternative for people who wish to begin therapy right away.  Certain users like the versatility of APAP machines, considering a CPAP machine can only do so much.

The debate between APAP and BiPAP and what type of CPAP machine is right for you becomes clearer when you learn what each machine does. The answer depends on the issues you’re experiencing. Whether you need a BiPAP or APAP machine, CPAPnation has both if you need to buy a sleep apnea machine to treat your disorder. Purchase today and get 15 percent off your first order!


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