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We are here to support you with all your sleep apnea needs which is why we want to remind you that it is so important to consistently stay clean and away from harmful germs. We all try to stay clean; we shower, wash our hands, brush our teeth, wash our sheets, etc. Why wouldn't you wash your CPAP mask and other supplies too?

Lets face it there are germs everywhere and the last place you want them are by your face! Your CPAP machine is always by your mouth where moisture is present. With so much moisture and bacteria, instead of building a sand castle at the beach this summer, you will be building a castle of mold in your CPAP instead. Below is a guide to help you avoid the germs and bacteria: 

Healthy CPAP Guide

Don't forget to change your CPAP Supplies:

Every 6 Months: Head Gear, Black Non Disposable Filter & Chinstrap

Every 3 Months: Frame, Tubing

Every Month: Full Face Mask Cushions

Bi-Weekly: White Disposable Filters, Nasal Mask Cushions

Only when cracked or broken: Humidifier Chamber 

    *DID YOU KNOW: Failure to timely change your CPAP supplies could lead to infections and respiratory problems.
    Your health is too important to us; change your supplies soon!

    Daily Cleaning Tips 

    1. Soak all supplies in a 50/ 50 solution of white vinegar and warm water for 8- 10 minutes.
    2. After soaking the supplies, rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    3. You may also use a non-antibacterial soap in place of the vinegar.
    • DO NOT USE ANTIBACTERIAL SOAPS, as they can interact with the plastics in the equipment, often causing them to break down.

       Try these Items to Clean Your Machine! 

      You have probably heard of the importance of a clean CPAP or you might have never thought you had to clean it! Not cleaning your CPAP machine would be as bad as not changing your toothbrush for over a year! You do not want to put so much bacteria in your body would you? See below for great products to help clean your machine, making it easy and care-free.

      SoClean 2 is a CPAP's miracle cleaning machine, it has made disinfecting your CPAP mask, hose and reservoir hassle free! It helps avoid and destroy mold, viruses and frustration. This machine also gets rid of 99 % of bacteria and cleans all tubing for your CPAP machine! 

      Here are some additional cleaning supplies to help you stay in tip top shape!
                      Unscented CPAP Wipes            CPAP Tube Cleaning System                

      Before you go to bed, think again! Put your health first and make cleaning your CPAP supplies a priority!

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      Evalyn Brawley
      Evalyn Brawley
      I use very little water every night. It seems much less than I use to. Is this O.K.?
      Tuyet Westerman
      Tuyet Westerman
      Thank you for helping us keep our CCAP in top conditions Tuyet

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