5 Signs That Your CPAP Therapy Is Working

5 Signs That Your CPAP Therapy Is Working

CPAP therapy maintains a consistent airflow while you sleep, keeping your airway open so you may sleep uninterrupted. If everything is in working order, you should experience these five signs that your CPAP therapy is working.

You Feel Rested

The most significant issue that can hinder those with sleep apnea is fatigue throughout the day, which may drive them to take extended naps and lack the sharpness they need to execute ordinary everyday duties. This might be due to an unnoticed mask leak or insufficient treatment pressure.

However, if you wake up feeling ready to take on the world, it’s a good indication that your CPAP therapy is working like a charm. You will feel like a new person again with a sense of rejuvenation.

Less Snoring

Excessive snoring is a red flag that one might have sleep apnea. Once you start your CPAP therapy, the snoring should go from a decibel level that mimics a jet engine to a quiet rustling sound. If the snoring is unchanged, it could be due to a leaking mask or incorrect air pressure. If you or your partner notice your snoring is fading, you have your CPAP therapy to thank.

Minimal Wakeups

One benefit of vanishing snoring is a decrease of random wakeups throughout the night. Suddenly awakening, gasping for air, and struggling to breathe is frightening and disrupts your sleep, which is the primary reason why an individual with sleep apnea feels exhausted as they wake up. Effective CPAP therapy delivers those lengthy periods of uninterrupted sleep, providing the adequate sleep everyone desperately needs.

Better Focus

Insufficient sleep leads to more side effects than tiredness. One common ailment that affects folks with sleep apnea is consistent morning headaches. With these headaches, it’s hard to maintain focus on your tasks because all you can think about is how much your head hurts. Proper CPAP therapy removes those headaches, allowing you to maintain your strong focus without throbbing pain.

Lower Apnea (AHI) Levels

Most CPAP devices cannot notify you of your AHI levels for each evening. AHI assesses the efficacy of CPAP treatment. The better you sleep, the lower your score. Lower AHI readings frequently correlate with fewer symptoms and will cause you to feel considerably better. If your overnight AHI results are excellent, your treatment is working.

You’re in good shape if these five signs that your CPAP therapy is working in your favor. CPAPnation can be your go-to online CPAP store for all the essentials you need for a great night of sleep. Sign up with your e-mail today to earn a special discount and stock up on the equipment and accessories that help you stay sound asleep.





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