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5 Helpful Accessories Some CPAP Users May Need

5 Helpful Accessories Some CPAP Users May Need

5 Helpful Accessories Some CPAP Users May Need

Adjusting your sleeping habits to accommodate your newly-prescribed CPAP therapy may take some time. Although, you can utilize these five helpful CPAP accessories to alleviate some complications.

Cleaning Tools

Sleeping with your CPAP mask on every night tends to let germs accumulate. A CPAP user benefits significantly from having the recommended cleaning accessories. A UV cleaner, wipes, and sprays help clean your mask effectively, especially if you don't have the time to wash it with soft soap and water. Make sure to use sprays that won't damage your mask.


A dry room can irritate your throat even without a CPAP mask covering your face. An excellent resource to combat a scratchy throat is a humidifier. The moisture that a humidifier produces doesn't only help your throat, but it also helps your lips, nose, and skin as well. Without any annoyances, you can sleep more soundly.


There are specialized CPAP pillows you can use if you have a tendency of sleeping on your side. Accordingly, these pillows contour to your face and equipment, offering maximum comfort. You're probably used to laying on your pillows a certain way, so adding a tube and mask to the equation may cause some discomfort.


A humidifier can keep your skin from drying out. However, when the heat runs in the winter, your skin and face may need extra protection. Additionally, your nose and mouth having constant contact with your mask can dry out your sinuses even quicker.

A standard moisturizer may contain chemicals that can ruin your mask, so it's best to avoid the options you buy at the local store. Instead, there are exclusive moisturizers for CPAP therapy that help protect your skin and thwart any destruction of the mask.

Travel Case

If you go out of town for business or a vacation, your CPAP therapy must continue. Consider investing in a travel case for a mini CPAP travel machine. These small travel kits are easily accessible for TSA checks, and they protect your gear and offer additional storage for things like your laptop or other work materials.

These five helpful CPAP accessories will keep you from being uncomfortable in your bed. Browse CPAPnation's store to peruse our inventory, including UV cleaners and humidifiers. There's no reason your CPAP therapy should feel awkward.


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