4 Tips To Alleviate Nasal Dryness From CPAP Usage

4 Tips To Alleviate Nasal Dryness From CPAP Usage

When you work out for the first time in several months, you’ll likely wake up feeling sore the next day because your body isn’t accustomed to that stress. You can expect the same results when you put on your CPAP mask, notably nasal dryness. Follow these four tips to alleviate nasal dryness from CPAP usage and improve the quality of your treatment.

Fix a Poor-Fitting Mask

One explanation for encountering CPAP mask nasal dryness is an ill-fitting mask. If your mask is excessively wide or beginning to wither away, especially the strap, it might end up causing your mask to leak. There are two ways your mask can leak: through your mouth and because of the seal.

A hissing or whistling sound could signify trouble, meaning it doesn’t fit well, and lead to nasal dryness. If you fall into this category, you should visit a CPAP or sleep specialist to re-fit your mask. It’s possible that the first fitting yielded inaccurate results, so it might need a tweak. Once CPAP masks fit correctly, they guarantee your intended airway pressure travels through the machine to your nasal passages, reducing the likelihood of dryness. 

Ensure the Settings Are Correct

Your CPAP prescription and settings are critical for your treatment, requiring them to be precise. Any deviation from the recommended pressure could cause inconsistencies when using your device. Like with a poor-fitting mask, you can visit your sleep specialist to determine if the settings are the issue, particularly if this continues after verifying your mask fits.

Apply CPAP-Approved Moisturizer

As many know, dry air inside your home could lead to dry skin everywhere, including your nasal passages. Using moisturizer or non-petroleum jelly to combat dry feet, elbows, and face is wise, so you can use that same logic regarding your dry nose. Apply nose-safe moisturizer to the dry area to give it some much-needed hydration. At the very least, it should temporarily take the pain away, allowing you to fall asleep.

Use a Heated Humidifier

A heated humidifier is the best thing you can do to relieve nasal dryness. Humidifiers are CPAP users’ best friends because they maintain the perfect humidity level to provide the best airflow. The greater the heat setting on humidifiers, the more moisture you can expect. Using a humidifier nightly may alleviate any pain while ensuring you enjoy the advantages of CPAP treatment.

These four tips to alleviate nasal dryness from CPAP usage help you use your CPAP device with minimal complications. CPAPnation is the place to go if you are looking for the best CPAP masks for sale. We’re happy to help you find the best mask and accessories to ensure you get the best sleep!

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