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Love Your Mornings

Love Your Mornings

Did you know that waking up early is beneficial to your health? In fact, research at the University of London and Heidelberg found a direct correlation to waking up early and a reduced feeling of stress, depression, and over-eating. With summer just around the corner, don’t let yourself fall into the same routine! Instead, learn how to tolerate your mornings with the steps below.


1. Believe You Can Dream

    In order to appreciate your mornings, you should start by believing each day is full of new opportunities. What do you see yourself doing when you wake up? Whether it is a morning walk or a cup of coffee, think of what you need to do for your time of peace and go for it.

    2. One Step At A Time

    It is important to be realistic. Odds are you won’t change your opinion overnight or even over a week’s span. But if you dream it, it can happen. Dreams start small too, so begin to plan step by step. Waking up 10-15 minutes earlier than usual as each day goes on will help you reach your goal and stay consistent.

    3. Every Step You Take

      Appreciate yourself! And reward yourself for the small victories. Every step you take is a step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Begin to treat yourself with an enjoyable sunset walk or your favorite cup of coffee, whatever it may be that makes you your happiest.

      4. Goodbye Technology

      The only technology you should be interacting with or touching before bed is your alarm clock. It is important to stray away from all technology to allow your brain and body to declutter itself from the gadgets of our daily lives. The reason you may feel so tired in the morning is because you have not completed your rest cycle. Your body cannot fully turn off if the brain is still being stimulated, denying any opportunity of a full night’s rest.


      Try these steps to begin enjoying a longer day.

      Got any recommendations? Comment below!



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