Learn to Love Mornings

Allen Levine

Love mornings just as much as your sleep.

There are those of us who love hamburgers, those who love hot dogs, those who love cats, those who love dogs, or those who love mornings and those who think THOSE people are crazy.

There is a lot of talk these days on how waking up earlier would make you feel like you had the best day of your life but did you know it is actually good for your health? Research at the University of London and Heidelberg shows that i you wake up early you are less likely to be stressed, depressed and overweight. With autumn coming up, don’t fall into the same routine! Here are some steps to at least begin tolerating your mornings.

  1. A New Love

First thing’s first you cannot think of mornings with a sense of negativity the night before. You have to think of it as a start to a new day of new opportunities. Not dreading the morning means you will not be dragging it when it is here.

  1. Believe You Can Dream

Is number one easier said than done? What about picturing your perfect morning? What do you see yourself doing in the morning? Whether is a morning walk or a cup of coffee or a swim, think of what you want to do as your peaceful time and go for it.

  1. One Step At A Time

We have to be realistic here, you are not going to change your opinion overnight or even over a week. But if you dream it, it can happen. Dreams start small too, plan step by step and begin waking up 10-15 minutes earlier than usual. Everyday it feels easier increase the time until you reached your goal!

  1. Every Step You Take

Appreciate yourself! You are taking a small step to better your health be happy and rejoice in it. Treat yourself and enjoy a sunset walk or enjoy your favorite coffee and catch up on your latest news!

  1. Find the right app

Yes that is right, technology has done it again, and those of you that have converted to the smartphone phase we have an app for you. SleepBot, SleepTime and Sleep Cycle are the first to try.

  1. Goodbye Technology

The only technology you should be touching before you go to sleep is your alarm clock. Stray away from all technology and let your body declutter itself from all the gadgets we have in our daily lives. Your body cannot fully turn off without staying away from technology, if your brain is still stimulated then you are not able to get a true full night’s rest. Meaning in the morning you have not completed your rest cycle, a reason you feel so tired in the morning.

Try these steps to begin enjoying a longer day. Recommendations? Comment below!


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