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3 Ways a Good Night’s Sleep Benefits Your Mental Health

3 Ways a Good Night’s Sleep Benefits Your Mental Health

3 Ways a Good Night’s Sleep Benefits Your Mental Health

It’s safe to assume that many people don’t get adequate sleep. The reasons behind that may differ, but the side effects remain the same. To curb that grouchiness, it helps to know the three ways a good night’s sleep benefits your mental health.

Lowers Stress

It’s common to have minor things stress you out if you haven’t slept well. Sleep deprivation can cause us to become more cranky. Therefore, we will respond poorly to minor inconveniences and disruptions when we’re tired.

If you don’t get the standard eight hours of sleep at night, the odds are you have higher levels of stress than someone who does. Even if you and that person deal with the same issues, an exhausted person’s top will blow way sooner than someone who is well-rested.

Improves Memory

The process of generating a memory comes in three separate phases. The first step is cognitive acquisition, which presents new knowledge to your brain. The second is consolidation, where the brain reinforces the knowledge that you gained.

The ultimate stage is recall, where we obtain the data that we have previously stored. Acquisition and recall occur when we are conscious, but consolidation happens while sleeping. We sleep because it’s at this time that our brain consolidates and organizes our memories, which aids us in recalling what we learned the previous day.

Sharpens Attention

When sleep-deprived, it’s challenging to retain large quantities of knowledge. Your concentration will be sharper if you get enough sleep.

A well-rested person wakes up the next day, knowing the consolidation proponent of their brain is humming. This keeps you sharp, attentive, and ready to take on the day. This idea is why professors tell their students not to pull all-nighters to prepare for an exam because there’s no chance you can retain the knowledge.

A medical condition, like obstructive sleep apnea, can cause your sleep issues, preventing you from reaping the benefits you learned in this guide to the three ways a good night’s rest benefits your mental health.

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