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3 Common Side Effects of Using a CPAP Mask

3 Common Side Effects of Using a CPAP Mask

3 Common Side Effects of Using a CPAP Mask

You must consistently use your CPAP machine to get the best sleep apnea treatment results. Hence, early recognition and resolution of these common side effects from using a CPAP mask are crucial to the long-term effectiveness of your apnea treatment.

Morning Headaches

Morning headaches signify that you have an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea. But those headaches are not commonly associated with using a CPAP machine.

Suppose you are suffering headaches after beginning CPAP treatment. In that case, the pressure on your CPAP might be too high, or your equipment may be generating a sinus obstruction, resulting in the head pressure that produces CPAP sinus headaches.

Over-the-counter medications can aid in opening your nasal passages and relieve you from sinus congestion. But it is crucial not to be dependent on using them. Alternately, you may find comfort using options like a heated humidifier or aromatherapy.

Excessive Dryness

Using something foreign like a CPAP mask takes some time to adjust. Consequently, your eyes, mouth, and nose feel like you've been wandering about in a desert.

Dry Nose

Your CPAP blasts air into your nasal passages, which may produce irritations ranging from a dry nose to nosebleeds. Conversely, your nasal passages could be attempting to establish a protective barrier by creating excessive mucus, causing congestion.

Dry Mouth

The mouth falling slightly during sleep is among the most prevalent reasons for dry mouth, which may reduce the efficiency of CPAP therapy. Thankfully, there are three easy remedies for CPAP dry mouth that you can try immediately: inspecting for leaks, using a chinstrap, and introducing a heated humidifier.

Dry Eyes

You don't want to wake up and immediately have Ben Stein's voice on your mind. We are implying that we don't want you to hop out of bed with your eyes feeling dry. One of the most frequent causes of dry, itchy eyes is if there are leaks from a mask being too lengthy for your nose.

Finding the best-fitting CPAP mask may be advantageous, but don't opt for one so tight it's suffocating. Using a nasal cushion or mask liner to keep the mask flat against the skin can also help in this predicament. 

Skin Irritation

CPAP may cause skin irritation, especially over the cheekbones and nose. Bumps, sores, and redness often result from three primary causes:

  • An extremely tight and ill-fitting mask -- To prevent overtightening, make tiny clockwise tweaks to the headpiece until the mask is snug but not too firm.
  • Oil build-up under the mask -- By scrubbing your face and mask each night before donning it, you can maintain its effectiveness. If you continue to have breakouts, you may want to explore a nasal pillow mask since its form reduces direct skin contact.
  • An allergic reaction -- The mask's silicone will dissolve and disperse over time, although it may trigger an allergic response upon the first usage. While allergic reactions are uncommon, cleaning the mask before use might help avoid them.

Following your sleep apnea therapy will allow you to limit the three common side effects of using a CPAP mask. The positive aspects of CPAP treatment nearly usually exceed the potential negative consequences.

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