ALL sizes of the Universal Resmed Headgear will work with:
  • Mirage Micro
  • Mirage Activa
  • Mirage Activa LT
  • Mirage SoftGel
  • Ultra Mirage Nasal Mask
  • Ultra Mirage II Nasal Mask
  • Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask

Sizes Small and Large will work with :

  • Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask
  • Original Mirage Activa

Headgear Clips for Mirage Activa, Mirage Quattro, and Ultra Mirage Full Face are sold separately -click here

Headgear Clips for Mirage Micro, Mirage Activa LT, Mirage SoftGel, and Ultra Mirage Nasal are sold separately -click here

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