The ResMed Mirage FX Liberty Assembly Kit includes the Mirage Liberty full face mask, a cushion, and nasal pillows


SKUs: 61318, 61319, 61320, 61321, 61322, 61323    The ResMed Mirage FX Liberty Mask Kit includes the Mirage Liberty full face mask, a cushion (your choice of small or large), and nasal pillows (your choice of small, medium, or large).  The Mirage headgear is also available as an add-on item.      The Mirage Liberty full face mask features dual-wall nasal pillows with trampoline action that move independently and adjust to various nasal contours for a comfortable and effective seal.    ResMed’s patented Mirage dual-wall mouth cushion creates a secure, flexible seal and accommodates jaw movement, eliminating the need for a chin strap. Additionally, the supportive headgear with stabilizing elements maintains its shape when removed, providing stability while the user sleeps.    With a fit range of over 90%, the Mirage Liberty is a comfortable alternative to conventional full face masks.

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