$129.00 $89.00

 1. Adhesive Design Means No Headgear

  • a. Interface seals outside of the nares
  • b. Eliminates vanity lines
  • c. No hair matting
  • d. Reduces nosocomial infection
  • e. Reduces skin and bridge breakdown

2. One Size Fits All

  • a. Inventory/SKU reduction
  • b. Single night use
  • c. Perfect fi t out of the box

 3. No Leak Seal

  • a. Improved arousal index
  • b. Improved quality of sleep
  • c. Improved compliance
  • d. No in-night adjustments to correct leak

4. Light Weight/Low Profi le Design

  • a. Increased comfort
  • b. Reduces claustrophobia

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