Contour CPAPMax™ Pillow

15-501R-W-930 PLW

Advanced 2-in-1 design allows patients to choose traditional fiberfill or plush memory foam as a sleeping surface. A highly resilient foam core ensures that the pillow maintains its shape for superb mask accommodation.  Additional upgrades include ventilated foam for coolness, a center depression for back sleepers, and a broader facial area for side sleepers.  The dual-sided cover features a cool layer of 3-D Mesh fabric, while the other side is infused with a thick layer of fiberfill for a more traditional feel.Unlike other CPAP pillows:

    1. Head naturally positions it self for mask pressure relief - eliminates repositioning head during night.
    2. It does not sag at the edge like other products - position support goes right to the edge of the pillow and around the mask pressure free zone- unlike fiber fill only designs.
    3. Accomodates all styes of masks.
    4. Proper neck support.
    5. Back and side sleeping positions.
    6. Hose tether built in to control “hose drop” during the night.
    7. Prefered by resiratory therapists.
    8. 2 year warranty.

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