HSA/FSA Information

If you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spend Account (HSA/FSA): Most supplies on CPAPnation.com are eligible for HSA/FSA payment option. However, certain items may not be eligible under your plan. For FSA and HSA reimbursement eligibility guidelines, please refer to your FSA or HSA plan document or summary plan.

If you would like to submit your CPAPnation.com order invoice to your HSA/FSA plan for reimbursement, you will need to include:

  • Order #
  • Order Date
  • Order Item(s)
  • Item Procedure Code(s) – see below for details
  • com Tax ID: 611423158

Commonly Purchased Procedure Codes:

  • A7034 is Nasal Mask or Nasal Pillow Mask
  • A7030 is Full Face Mask
  • A7027 is Hybrid Mask
  • A7044 is Oral Interface Mask (Oracle)
  • A7035 is Headgear for Mask - Any Style
  • A7036 is Chinstrap - Any Style
  • A7032 is Replacement Nasal Mask Cushion
  • A7033 is Replacement Nasal pillows
  • A7031 is Replacement Full Face Mask Cushion
  • A7028 is Replacement Hybrid Mask Cushion
  • A7029 is Replacement Hybrid Mask Nasal Pillow
  • A7046 is Replacement Humidifier Chamber
  • A7037 is Tubing / Hose - Long & Short Tubes
  • A4604 is Heated Tubing
  • A7038 is Disposable Filter (White / Paper)
  • A7039 is Washable Filter (Gross Particle / Foam/ Black)
  • E0601 NU is CPAP Purchase
  • E0601 NU is APAP Purchase
  • E0562 NU is Heated CPAP Humidifier
  • E1399 is Miscellaneous and is used for other CPAP and Oxygen items.

We help thousands of patients per year get their CPAP equipment through their insurance. We would love to help you, too!

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