Yes, I already have a valid CPAP prescription

*We do not require a copy of your prescription for replacement parts, headgear, filters, cleaning supplies or other products that do not have the "prescription required" notice on their product page.*

After you submit your valid precription you can place your order online.  If there are any problems with the prescription that you submitted we will contact you immediately. Thank you!

Before you send us your prescription please be sure that it meets the following requirements:


The prescription is written by one of the following care providers:

Medical Doctor
Doctor of Osteopathy
Physicians Assistant
Nurse Practitioners
Dentist / Orthodontist
Naturopathic Physician

The prescription must include:

Your name (patient's name)
Prescribing physician's full name
Physicians Contact Information
Physicians Signature

Your prescription can be written on a standard prescription pad which includes the physician's contact information, your full name and is signed by the care provider including a statement about the equipment needed.

For example:

  • "CPAP"  or “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure”
  • “APAP”, “AutoPAP” or similar
  • "BiPAP", BiLevel” or similar
  • "CPAP Supplies"
  • "CPAP Mask"
  • "CPAP Heated Humidifier"
If you are purchasing a machine, the prescription should include the pressure setting. If it is not included on the prescription, the pressure setting may be provided by you.
HOW TO SUBMIT: Choose one of the following options:

Fax to (866) 649-2727 and a representative will call you to confirm receipt.
Email to Please include full name and phone number

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