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NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED! SKU: ZCD100 Meet Zoey! Zoey is smaller by volume than the leading CPAP cleaner, operates with the press of a button, and uses colorful indicator lights each stage of the cleaning. You won’t need to worry about a lengthy setup or the noise - Zoey quietly performs at approximately 50 db.!



Zoey is the easy to use and easy to love new CPAP cleaning option. 

Included with your purchase:

  • Injection tube with check valve: Zoey's injection tube includes a check valve that traps condensation in the line to keep water from damaging your equipment.

  • Filter: Zoey's filter protects you and your household from activated oxygen (ozone). 

  • Power adapter: Zoey's power adapter is a standard two-prong power brick with a 46-inch cord. l100-240V.

  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Zoey Benefits:

  • Peace-of-mind sanitizing

  • Extremely quiet; operates at approximately 50 db.

  • Completely automated with one push of a button

  • No harsh chemicals or exposure to activated oxygen (ozone)

Zoey Features:
  • New sleek design

  • Smaller footprint

  • Colored, indicator lights throughout the cycle

  • No need for adapters

  • Easy filter cartridge system

How does it work?

Zoey cleans your CPAP equipment by pulling oxygen (O2) from your household environment and converting it into activated oxygen (O3). This extra molecule enables an effective and safe method that is also used to clean market produce, hospital equipment, and water. Zoey sends a current of air through an injection tube which goes through your CPAP machine, and then back into the Zoey cleaning chamber. Zoey safely and completely contains the O3 to protect your respiratory health and your household. After cleaning, Zoey converts activated oxygen back into normal, breathable oxygen. Zoey takes 20 minutes to clean, and 1 hour and 40 minutes to convert activated oxygen back to oxygen.

Cleaning with Zoey:

Please click on the user guide below for more product information and specifications

Zoey User Guide


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